What YOU can do

I don’t know about you, but I like lists. They give my mind and life in some structure and keep me right. So I thought this blog can’t possibly not contain its own list.

I feel like sometimes we read lots of words on climate change and all too often we fail to take action. But action is exactly what we need right now. So I’d like readers of this blog to join me in taking some kinds of action to make small (or big) changes in our lives to help the planet. These changes can feel pretty empowering sometimes too.

I’ll try to end each blog with an action, a challenge, maybe, so that together we can all do our it bit. And I’ll list them all here on this page.

What YOU can do

  • Find out whether you have a local food network near you and try an online order
  • Find an organic veg box scheme near you
  • Research three things grown near you and be their customer!
  • Make one personal commitment to individual action on climate change
  • Tell someone else about it and why you’re doing it
  • Go for a walk, and learn something new about where you live
  • Make some food using locally foraged (or sourced) food
  • Trace the course of your local river on a map all the way to the sea and see if you know all the places it passes through
  • Make a list of things you will do more of (and more green) after the COVID crisis
  • Make a list of things you will do less of after the crisis
  • Try to replace one of your car journeys this week with a bike ride or a walk, and take the time to enjoy it.
  • Lobby your councillor, MSP and MP about greener travel, or support a greener transport campaign – it needs political action to really happen.
  • Look up on social media if you have a nappy library near you – they provide fantastic help for cloth nappy learners, and may even loan you some kit to try
  • If you’re having a baby in Scotland, look in your Baby Box and use the voucher to try out a cloth nappy
  • Consider dedicating a corner of your garden to wild flowers, scrape the top soil off it and plant some native wildflower seeds
  • Download an app to help you identify and name the nature around you
  • Support Plantlife’s Road Verge campaign to get councils to protect wild flower areas on road verges
  • Press your employer to invest in proper video-conferencing (VC) facilities if they don’t already.
  • Next time there’s a face to face meeting, ask if there is VC available. The more we ask, the more it’s likely to happen.
  • Follow a hierarchy when it comes to clothes washing, depending on how dirty your clothes are:
    • wash less often, with full loads
    • wash with soapnuts or a wash ball (or with just water)
    • wash with detergent with decent environmental credentials – concentrated, or in a cardboard box, to minimise plastic.
    • Take advantage of refill stations
    • If stains are bad, hang them outside (UV light removes them)
  • Consider not buying new clothes – ask yourself if you really, really, really need it!
  • Make things more often – if you have the skills and equipment
  • Buy more second hand – charity shops, ebay, gumtree, depop
  • Buy new better – choose companies whose values you support, and materials that have less environmental impact.
  • Try a sea swim to get closer to nature
  • Do a 2 minute beach clean when you’re there

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