Hi there, welcome to my blog.

This blog is about one woman’s attempts to be green(er).

And to document it, to share what I’ve learned and to show you what it’s like.

My two kids at the beach here in Fife

I intend to shine the light on different parts of my life and see what I can change to reduce my environmental footprint.

So what is my ‘footprint’?

Environmental charity WWF have an online environmental footprint calculator – footprint.wwf.org.uk

It involves answering a few questions about your lifestyle (the food you eat, the way you travel, the house you live in etc) and it will rather cleverly work out your environmental footprint.

There are tonnes of footprint calculators out there. According to the calculator, the footprint of our family (2 kids, 2 adults) is 12.4 tonnes.

According to WWF, to 2020 target is 10.5 tonnes, so I have a way to go.

And this is how it breaks down:

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