The environmental reasons to be a more ‘responsible’ shopper

We’ve heard a lot lately about how we should be shopping ‘responsibly’. For me, shopping responsibly is about thinking about others when we shop – not only other customers, but also shop and farm workers, food producers, the environment. It’s about acting in a way that serves the collective good of people (and the planet)Continue reading “The environmental reasons to be a more ‘responsible’ shopper”

We need to talk about milk … (and an ode to oats!)

First thing in the morning, mid-morning, just after lunch and mid-afternoon. I’m a tea drinker and there’s only one way I like it. With milk in it. Which is why when I cringe when I keep reading this line from a 2018 Oxford university study: Producing a glass of cow’s milk has at least threeContinue reading “We need to talk about milk … (and an ode to oats!)”

When a storm makes you re-think the need to travel

Goodbye and good riddance, Storm Ciara! Most of last week I saw the forecasts, learned about potential disruptions in the news, and heard the ‘do not travel’ announcements by train companies. So as the storm rolled in on Saturday afternoon, I heeded the warnings and cancelled my Sunday plans. I also hate storms – theyContinue reading “When a storm makes you re-think the need to travel”

How does reducing plastic increase carbon?

I wanted to try to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our house. The first thing I did was look in the plastics recycling box; I found mainly food packaging, Tetra packs and milk bottles. Easy win, I thought, those milk bottles don’t have to be there. So I signed up for aContinue reading “How does reducing plastic increase carbon?”

How hard/expensive is it to avoid a UK flight?

I’m going to Cambridge (from St Andrews) next weekend. My plan is to head down early Saturday 11th January, returning early evening on 13th January. Got to be back at work on the Tuesday, see. So what are my travel options: Driving between the two cities (which are some 640km apart) is not an option.Continue reading “How hard/expensive is it to avoid a UK flight?”